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Arachnoiditis, Epidural Fibrosis, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome &
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Cofounder - Karen Kovacik's Journey Continued - Page 2


Karen Kovacik - April 2009A natural approach to my Arachnoiditis continues. My progress from November 2008 to present is nothing short of a miracle.  My current IV therapy is not a formal clinical trial rather a natural approach to treatment overseen by my physician/researcher (an ACAM provider and integrative medicine physician). I do NOT recommend anyone attempt to duplicate this therapy without the guidance of your doctor.  I'm the first one to admit some of our efforts have made me ill while other efforts have been stellar performers.

I've learned the "impossible just takes longer!"  With all my heart, I hope we are going to be able to "document" a reduction in the inflammatory disease process we believe may be involved with Arachnoiditis.

Karen Kovacik, April 2009My natural therapy began November 2008 when I was in extreme pain and having difficulty walking and balancing. June 2009 I was able to  walk 4.4 miles four to six times a week. Other activities include mountain biking, snow skiing, whitewater paddling, snorkeling, fishing, hiking, swimming, boating, and more. I traveled to the Mexico beach in February 2009 and spent most of April 2009 in South Florida and the Florida Keys, fishing and snorkeling. My pain level is decreasing every day. Leg and nerve pain is almost non existent and my back no longer aches every second. My regularly scheduled pain medications were reduced to ZERO as of May 25, 2009.  I am having the time of my life.

My IV therapy consists of high dose vitamin C and magnesium given intravenously ideally at least once a week. We are detoxifying with high dose vitamin E, high dose cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), high dose omega-3-acid ethyl esters and Nattokinase. There are other items included in my treatment which seem helpful. We would hope to be able to demonstrate reduction of the scar tissue within a few years via high resolution MRI. 

For those of you suffering from Arachnoiditis, may I suggest as mandatory reading:  Anatomy of an Illness by Norman Cousins.  There is a significant psychological component to health and wellness.  Norman Cousins outlines his true story written after his diagnosis with an incurable terminal illness.  Mr. Cousins was able to return himself to an acceptable quality of life utilizing high dose vitamin C therapy, laughter and faith. Each of us has a duty to utilize faith in an effort to improve our own situation. I believe faith is involved with the placebo effect that has been measured in past medical studies. You MUST read Mr. Cousins' book .... the foundation of my fight for life was formulated from this book.

Please also refer to the study online published by the British Journal of Radiology found at for a very enlightening study on epidural fibrosis.

My surgical history for your reference:
1974 - Fusion L4-S1 with Harrington Rods & bone graft
1981 - Broken rods, refuse L4-S1, remove rods, (failed)
03/01 - Fusion C5/6, titanium plate, bone graft
11-03 - Fusion L3-S1, rods, bone graft & allograft, 2 spacers (CES symptoms, emergency surgery)11/06 - Fusion L2-S1, rods, allograft, additional spacer, new rods/old screws (CES symptoms)
06/08 - Recurring CES, hospitalization, countless MRI's, CT scans, more. 
09-10/08 - Arachnoiditis L3/L5 diagnosed by different provider, self referred (turns out MRI records review shows scarring present as early as the middle of 2006, so diagnosis was a long time in coming)
11/08 - Started experimental therapy including IV therapy, nattokinnase, omega 3, more
03/10 - New impingement at C3/4 and C4/5

Under no circumstances should anyone interpret my story as medical advice nor employ any attempts at this therapy without a doctor supervision. My very experimental therapy, as outlined above, is not detailed in an attempt to prevent anyone from attempting treatment without a professional. Should you desire more information, please have your physician email me and I will be happy to refer your doctor to my doctor. 

Again, my love to you all. I am here for you. I do not represent my treatment as a cure for you ... it has worked for me. Karen - Email 

Click here for more information on my treatment and progress: Karen's Progress

Life with Arachnoiditis: Education, Research, Support & Hope
Arachnoiditis, Epidural Fibrosis, Failed Back Surgery Syndrome & Related Spinal Disorders
Copyright & Non Profit Organization status in process
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